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We will provide the best customized solution with our best brands.



The family-owned Montana Furniture has provided generations with personalized storage solutions, since 1982. The Danish high-end furniture company was established by Peter J. Lassen, who also created the modular Montana System. Today, the company is run by Peter’s son Joakim Lassen, who is the fifth generation of his family to work with furniture and the great-grandson of manufacturer Fritz Hansen.



Creativity, passion, and love for technology applied to design. This is the thought that moves a company like STP towards solutions that combine elegance and technological skills. STP offers a material which is unique with its characteristics and effects: wood. Several wood species modulated on a variety of formats: from planks with contemporary taste to new formats that allow special layouts and original combinations. Wood+, W+Listone & Tavole STP, Chevron, W+Design, and WoodMosaic series reveal geometries and soft lines to decorate cozy spaces because wood is not only a material... but much more.



Petersen Tegl is a Danish brickworks which manufactures and sells bricks with emphasis on excellent craftsmanship. As one of the few brickworks in the world, Petersen Tegl masters the art of firing brick with coal. The process adds vibrant colours in pale and dark shades to the waterstruck brick. More than half of Petersen Tegl’s range consists of 100% handmade products, including the world-famous Kolumba™. Petersen Cover™, also 100% handmade, is a tile product developed for covering roofs and facades. Manufacture of brick for special assignments is a key business area in which the brickworks work closely with architects and construction clients. 



Kaufmann Keramik is a family-run ceramics manufacturing business in Rehau in Upper Franconia. Here, we don’t produce standard pieces – we make unique pieces by hand: Stove tiles, wall coverings, a system full of ceramic possibilities for unique spatial experiences. And for people who care where their ceramics come from. Transform stoves and walls into unique spatial experiences. With stove tiles and wall coverings that are one of a kind. These are created piece by piece by a master craftsman, just for you. In a system full of design possibilities of styles, shapes, colors and surfaces. 



Since 1969 Atlas Concorde has established itself as one of the leading brands in the global ceramic tile landscape. Our company has always been an ideal partner for customers and designers seeking superior porcelain floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles that can meet every requirement of contemporary architecture. Continuous innovation, technological research, Italian style, international outlook, social and environmental responsibility: these are the values that have always guided us towards the greatest achievement, the next one. We are a global partner in international design thanks to our superior ceramic solutions that are innovative in both style and technology. Our extensive range of porcelain surfaces for interiors, exteriors, and ceramic decorative tiles meets all the needs of designers and end users all over the world.


Waste Based Bricks

At StoneCycling, we work hard on developing the next generation of high-end, sustainable materials. Our mission is to decrease the world’s waste streams - but we refuse to compromise aesthetically. All of our products meet industry standards and can be used for both interiors and exteriors. You can find our WasteBasedBricks® all over the world in facades, wall cladding and flooring of high-end, sustainable architectural projects. We invite you to explore the possibilities and join our mission to clean up to world. Throw away all misconceptions about the concept of circularity and stay relevant on the ever changing market by becoming an early adopter of our innovative WasteBasedBricks®. 

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